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About CBML

Canadian Benefits Management Limited (CBML) is owned and operated by experienced, respected medical professionals who understand the complexity of workplace absence and disability cases.

With the assistance of on-site physicians, CBML provides workplace health management services to more than 60,000 North Americans across a broad spectrum of industries and business sectors. Our clients vary from hundreds to tens of thousands of employees, in both unionized and non-unionized settings.

We are committed to providing the most expedient course of action and offer effective solutions tailored specifically to each client’s particular requirements. We offer prompt and personal contact from the outset and continue to maintain that one-on-one contact with our clients throughout the duration of our relationship.

The CBML Difference

There are a number of factors that set CBML apart from other absence management organizations:


We’re Specialized

We have a diverse team of on-site medical professionals available for consultations, advice, and support. Because we are physician led, we’re able to conduct doctor to doctor consultations, proven to be highly effective in achieving optimal, timely results in case management.


We’re Custom-Tailored

When it comes to workplace absence management, we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we work closely with our clients to understand their unique situation, and make specific recommendations designed to be cost effective, matching the needs of both employers and employees.


We’re Mid-Sized

We consider our company’s size to be an asset. As a solid, respected mid-sized company, we’re large enough to offer a wide range of professional services, yet small enough to promise our clients the ‘human touch’. We are proud of our reputation for customer service excellence and consider our mid-size status a contributing factor to our ongoing success.


We’re Prompt

We abide by strict turnaround times. We recognize that one of the frustrating aspects of most occupational health services is the amount of time spent waiting for decisions and/or review of information. Because of this, we’ve made our commitment to prompt, individualized service a top priority.